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How are the Escorts of the Whores, Callgirls and Hookers different?

Differences between Escorts, Whores, Callgirls and Hookers

The term Escorts comes from English, in English Escort means a person who accompanies you, Escort word in turn come from the Latin scorgere, means guide someone.
But now the word escort is used internationally to name a companion, with or without sexual services, that accompanies a person to a trip or a social event.

The term Whores comes from Old English hore prostitute, harlot, 
Generally the hiring of a whore involves sexual services, not necessarily accompanying services.

In short, we can say that an escort and a whore are different because some escorts sometimes do not offer sexual services, and some whores are not escorts, they only offer sexual services.

Other words to name Escorts and whores are: Callgirls, Hookers, Prostitutes.

The language is dynamic and the words are changing and adapting so that our communication is easier and more functional. This variability and flexibility of the language has meant that currently and in most cases, the words escorts and whores mean the same thing. A person who accompanies you and offers you sexual services in exchange for financial compensation.

Google is a very complex tool to find what you are looking for, a feasible test of whores and escorts are the same can be seen by searching in the search engine these terms for example:
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We will verify that in many cases the results coincide.

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