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Did the escorts enjoy sex with their clients?

Did the escorts enjoy sex with their clients?

Since ancient times, sex work has been a topic of debate among the different social classes, which has given rise to thousands of questions and myths regarding sexual experimentation with a companion lady.

However, beyond prejudice or taboo, sexual satisfaction is not an unexplored field for escorts, because although there are professionals who know how to fake an orgasm, there are others who really enjoy sex and connect with their clients.

From acting to pleasure

For professional escorts, the performance is part of the action that is lived at the moment and in a certain way, it is a show for which the same client pays to see and experience. Even so, many professionals affirm that in the midst of the power and submission game, they have also managed to create intimate links during the sexual act.

Part of these feelings are due, in part, to the type of treatment by the client and their behavior in general. We can assure you that it is not only about how you are in bed, but how you are with ideas.

Thus, many of our escorts claim that they enjoy those clients who first seek to “meet them” before resorting to sex. Sex, on the other hand, not being limited in penetration, is usually much more satisfying and sensual for those girls who seek to break the traditional image of what it means to be an escort for society.

In that sense, instead of feeding a stereotype of a sex worker, if the client keeps his mind open and establishes an affective communication before and during intimacy, the sexual experience could be different from what is usually premeditated.

From sensuality to orgasm

For professional escorts, sex also means art, sensuality and eroticism, so that the grotesque and vulgar, unlike what is colloquially thought, does not give rise (at least not at the beginning) to really pleasant passions.

The previous game and the art of seduction through fine clothes, lingerie, flirting and body dancing, are part of an unprecedented show that allow you to explore and enjoy female sexuality.

Although, for an escort it can be easy to interpret a character, it is also possible for them to live the previous pleasure that ends in orgasm. Undoubtedly, in the world of escorts, tantric connectivity and the euphoria of secrecy are key factors that can come to play in favor of those who know how to handle.

After exploring and understanding that orgasm is not lived through immediate penetration, we must give way to communication. Touch, seduce, meet, caress for later, end up ecstatic between the male instinct and womens fantasies.

The attitude

As good lovers, our ladies understand that the attitude defines the intimate connection in emotional relationships. It would be necessary to leave fears and prejudices aside, and not be intimidated by the idea of experimenting with professional women and experts in the art of seduction.

So ... do escorts enjoy the sex with their clients? The answer is yes, as long as we are open to enjoy them.

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