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Ibizahoney user opinion 2018

Below we show you an opinion that a user of our website sent us, yesterday 26-5-2018, we liked it so much that we published it, of course we do not give any information about it to maintain its anonymity:

How are you?
It is the first time I write to you (I am not Spanish. Sorry but since you never use “you” to Ibiza, I dont know how to use it! :-)).
I have been living in Ibiza for 5 years and, I say it in total sincerity (if I dont say anything), your title = Ibizahoney directory of escorts and call girls agencies in Ibiza - Girls section and Women escort> is for me the best of all.

Because it is the site that has the information on the most fair and real girls of all the sites of girls in Ibiza.
And that is worth GOLD because here in Ibiza there are so many lies, nonsense and scams about the profiles of girls that a place like yours is a blessing.

So when Im looking for a girl, the first place where I am going to look = the page title = Twitter of Ibizahoney where youll always be informed of the latest escort news on the web> twitter of ibizahoney.
That is the first thing I wanted to tell you -> thanks for your sites.

Then this same user makes a suggestion about a web error, an escort that does not correspond to the photos that we mark as real, of course, after checking that your suggestion is correct we have proceeded to correct the error.

We are pleased to receive opinions and suggestions from users.
And it makes us very happy to consider that our website is so useful and functional, in the end it is our ultimate goal.
A cordial greeting.
Luis Hernandez 27-5-2018 (Ibiza)

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