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Jana girl escort in Ibiza Interview

Interview with Escort Jana of 28 years, independent prostitute from Argentina in Ibiza:

-How did you start working as an escort?
I started at age 25 when a friend told me about work, how it was, how much she earned, what kind of services were offered, I was interested and wanted to try it.

-What do you like the most?
What I like most is to meet people of different ages, nationalities, with different tastes, I always say each person is a world. Everyone likes something different so work also varies.

-What do you dislike the most?
What I like least is the prejudice about my work.

-What is the weirdest thing a client asked for?
The strangest thing was that they asked me to fuck a man while the client was watching, it was weird but exciting because the client was mature but handsome and interesting.

-Have you fallen in love with a customer?
Yes, I have fixed clients years ago and a very strong and beautiful bond has been created between us.

-What are the advantages compared to other types of jobs?
The advantages are that you manage your times, people are very pretty with you, some men give me flowers, I am my own boss.

-Would you like to be legalized and pay legal quotes for have health insurance?
The truth that does not influence me.

-What do you think about publishing your photos? Do you put your photos showing real face?
I personally do not have problems, I do not mind putting ads showing my face, in addition Ibizahoney allows me to offer verified and certified photos, they come personally to see me to verify that I am really the same girl as the photos I publish. In addition, I always publish erotic presentation videos, so that clients see me in a more direct and real way.

-What are the best customers? What nacionality? Young or old? Handsome or ugly?
For me the best clients are those who really come to enjoy sex, and have a good time without thinking about reality. Nationality or age is something that does not matter.

-Do you think to retire?
I have not thought about that yet, but if in the future I want to start a family, I will be forced to leave it.

-Do you save and invest or do you spend it all?
The truth is that my work allows me to do everything.

-Do you enjoy sex with clients?
Obviously sex is always enjoyed.

-Could you return to work in a normal job?
Of course, this is just another job.

-What is the place where you like to work the most? Do you like working as an escort in Ibiza?
Ibiza is a very special place, it is a magical island that makes me fall in love. I love working here because in my spare time I am always enjoying its beaches and restaurants. Also here the clients are very diverse, there are clients of almost all nationalities. The bad thing about Ibiza is that in summer it is an expensive island, renting an apartment is always very expensive and there is also too much party, so some customers are a little crazy. But without hesitation, Ibiza is one of the places where I like to work the most. Other places that I like a lot are the countries of northern Europe, there you pay well and it is safe. I really like to do incalls services in my own private apartment or outcalls, so i can visit new places, amazing houses and luxury hotels with swimming pools.

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