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What is the sexual posture preferred by women?

What is the sexual position preferred by women?

Communication, as in all human relationships, is a factor that determines the satisfaction of our sexuality. To explore new postures and achieve much more intense orgasms, it would be enough to establish a prior communication with our partner and then give way to sexual experimentation.

However, the latest health-related studies reveal that the behavior of modern society has changed considerably, that traditional practices have been neglected and that the position of the puppy has become preferred by a lot of women.

Secondly, the classic “missionary” is positioned, precisely because of the communication that the position offers. He is facing each other with the couple to give rise to the looks, kisses and soft caresses of tantric sex, erotic, romantic but at the same time, unbridled.

Control of penetration and sensations in doggy style

While the puppys posture is one of the most primitive and instinctive positions in sexual practice, it is a common mistake to believe that man turns out to be the only beneficiary in this posture.

In fact, the position itself allows women to have greater control over the intensity and rhythm of penetration, as long as there is some experience and knowledge about the female body.

In this sense, women can perfectly stoop their backs, lift their butts and push their pelvis down, thus increasing the depth, rhythm and intensity of sexual practice.

In addition, according to the opinion of the majority of women surveyed, this position allows them to reach orgasm faster by having greater access to the clitoris. Masturbation for women becomes much simpler, and the couple can also play with the possibilities to climax.

With this, women without any taboo can experience unimaginable erotic sensations and men can really know what it means to enjoy female orgasm.

The classic missionary

Although it is true that the missionary is considered, by some, as a conservative position, the reality is that most women usually enjoy it. It is not only for the issue of non-linguistic communication, but for the control of the hip and pelvis movements that can lead women to orgasm.

Women, on the other hand, love feeling wanted and even protected, feelings that are possible to live in the missionary position. Caresses and kisses can happen even during the most unbridled penetration, and the man will enjoy the climax if he is fortunate to be with a woman who really knows herself.

Other positions such as the inverted cowgirl and the spoon are also of feminine interest, although although we could not ignore the positions related to oral sex, since men and women assure that they are vital to enjoy sexual intimacy flat.

Oral sex positions

As always, the simple is usually more attractive and pleasant for many. The butterfly kiss, the traditional face-up position for oral sex, is usually preferred by women who want to feel the pleasure of oral stimulation easily.

And it is not only used to lubricate the genitals, but also to caress the lips, the clitoris and the vaginal cavity with the tongue and fingers, either individually or simultaneously.

The truth is that this position is quite relaxing for the ladies and also allows the man to contemplate the beauty of the female body, while shivering with joy and reaching other key areas to increase pleasure.

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