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Shery spanish escort girl in Ibiza interview

Ibizahoney interviews Shery, 24 year old Spanish escort girl, second year in Ibiza, pedagogy student in her last year of career:

-How did you start working as an escort?
Well, I started because a friend worked as an escort and commented on advantages and disadvantages. That aroused my curiosity and I decided to try.

-What do you like the most?
What I like the most is that it allows me to live with a better quality of life than previous jobs, since I proportionally work less and earn more. It is also a job that gives me a lot of freedom, because I can do it anywhere and usually with the clients a good atmosphere is created.

-What do you dislike the most?
What I like least is that we always have to be well, very willing and cheerful, and of course, sometimes it is not so easy...

-What is the weirdest thing a client asked for?
Curiously for me, the weirdest thing a client has asked me for has been more in the emotional line than in the sexual. Hugs and caresses in a motherly way, and that is something that caught my attention, since although many clients are affectionate, it is common to enjoy sex with them.

- Have you fallen in love with a customer?
Fall in love no, but have a very special feeling. When there is a good connection with a client, it is usually mutual and that makes them usually want to repeat, and well, you get to know each other better and if links are created. In addition many are young, handsome and fuck very well, some come simply because they get bored with their girlfriends and want to vary, there are some who are very good. But in the end, what I like most are those who fuck you well, with empathy, who are looking for you to run with them, those are amazing...

-What are the advantages compared to other types of jobs?
Well as I said before, especially the benefit of working time and economic compensation; the freedom to work anywhere in the world and finally feel powerful as a woman. In my case, this work allows me to continue studying my career in Valencia and in summer travel and enjoy.

- Would you like to be legalized and pay tax with health inssurance?
Of course I would like me and most of the sex professionals I know. In the end it would only report advantages for us and in general for everyone.

-What are the best customers? What nacionality? Young or old? Handsome or ugly?
The best clients for me are the married ones who feel frustrated in their relationships. They look for what they dont have at home and it is usually fun, laughs, relaxed moments, etc. Regarding nationality, I like Spaniards a lot, but for me the Nordics are the best because I love blondes and they are very polite, and in sex they are not so bossy. Regarding age you find everything, the same goes for external beauty. I think what makes them better is that they are educated and have good self-esteem, since someone who respects himself knows how to respect others.

-Do you think to retire?
At the moment I do not plan to retire, but I suppose that with the passage of time I will rethink it, especially when I finish my career that I have little left, although I think I will always do it even if it is as something extra...

-Do you save and invest or do you spend it all?
I usually save one part and enjoy the other. But many of my fellow escorts live big and save nothing, in the end they always spend it all and I think its not a good plan, because in the end they have nothing left.

-Do you enjoy sex with clients?
Most of the time I try to enjoy, because if I enjoy, my clients do too, and that is what we are looking for. Some clients fuck very well.

-Could you go back to work in a normal job?
Honestly, right now I do not consider going back to a job as you say normal, next year when I finish the race I will consider it.

-How long will you be available as an escort in Ibiza?
I have come with the intention of spending the whole summer

-Do you want us to publish a link to your profile on Ibizahoney?
No, thanks, it seems very good to me that you do these interviews and you wanted to know our opinions and our point of view, but I prefer to remain anonymous.

Thank you very much Shery, we hope you have a perfect summer. Thank you for contributing your opinion.

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