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About the usefulness of escort services in Ibiza

Many times it is questioned that women want to dedicate themselves to offer their services as escorts, callgirls or hookers; We personally as administrators of a escorts website guide in Ibiza, many times we have been in the position of defending that it is the girls who decide whether or not to offer this type of services.

We have had entertaining talks with friends and acquaintances talking about this topic, many have the wrong opinion that most escort girls are forced to exercise, we who sometimes deal personally with company girls, we know that this is not so, At least in Ibiza, what we have observed is that the companions dedicate themselves to it completely voluntarily.
We have never seen a case where a girl was forced or forced to work on this.

Escorts and their services, prostitution in cases where they are the ones who freely choose to offer their company, their love, their time and sex in exchange for money is nothing more than a labor exchange, as can be the one offered by a masseuse, a hairdresser or a psychologist.

From our point of view, the escorts offer more than necessary care for many men unable to establish relationships with women.

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