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We are a center of chill out style that has 5 independent rooms full of charm and comfort where we offer you the most special erotic massage. We have different alternatives in massages for men and couples.
It is the ideal place, with the best atmosphere, an excellent energy and the most beautiful professionals where you will receive the best tantric massages of the Balearic Islands.

Erotic massages not equal to tantric massages, DIFFERENCES:

The main differences between erotic massage and tantric massage:
The purpose: In erotic massage is pleasure and ejaculation, and in the tantric is the expansion of consciousness.
The intention: In the erotic, the intention is to excite and in the tantric there is no intention, not even to heal. The conscious touch is empty of intention.
The attitude: in the tantric massage the attitude is loving, almost maternal, you are a channel of unconditional love, of acceptance of what is and what there is, of devotion and honor to the being that is before us. Erotic massage has reduced this to the merely sexual part, to a more sexual than sensual and loving attitude.
We are the perfect space where wellness and beauty services come together to provide you with the maximum experience through the best Thai massage.
Our massage center is a top quality, located in a very central area of ??the city of Ibiza, we are in carrer Sa Real very close to Ignacio Wallis Avenue.

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