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We have profiles of fabulous female non sexual callgirls available for non sexual appointments, escort girls in Ibiza. Beautiful company girls, in our list you can find all kinds of women, young, mature, Latin, Spanish, blonde or brunette, but they all have something in common: they are professional, affectionate and very interesting.


+34) 671250387 (+34) 671250387 25 years Jesus Area 1,65m / 5,41ft About Me
I am elegant and very affectionate

+34) 671250387 (+34) 671250387 24 years Talamanca 1,55m / 5ft 1in About Me
I love erotic massage...

+34) 692362312 (+34) 692362312 39 years Ibiza Town 1,70m / 5,7ft Independent About Me
Proactive and friendly

+34) 641507912 (+34) 641507912 24 years Ibiza Town 162cm / 5ft 3,5in About Me
Masseur and dancer

+34) 671250387 (+34) 671250387 25 years Talamanca 1,55m / 5ft 1in About Me
Sporty and friendly girl

+34) 664205513 (+34) 664205513 20 years Marina Botafoch 1,70m / 5,7ft About Me
Go out to dinner and dance all night

+34) 656391710 (+34) 656391710 22 years Playa den Bossa 1,60m / 5,24ft About Me
Gym, dance and gastronomy.

+34) 613670142 (+34) 613670142 24 years Ibiza Town 1,60m / 5,24ft About Me
Dinners and dances in good company

+34) 656391710 (+34) 656391710 21 years Playa den Bossa 162cm / 5ft 3,5in About Me
Student Girl of 21 years old

+34) 671250387 (+34) 671250387 25 years Playa den Bossa 1,60m / 5,24ft About Me
I like walking and nature

+34) 664205513 (+34) 664205513 27 years Marina Botafoch 1,70m / 5,7ft About Me
Sweet stylish Girl

+34) 656391710 (+34) 656391710 27 years Playa den Bossa 158cm / 5,2ft About Me
I like to go out to dinner

+34) 624928584 (+34) 624928584 22 years Santa Eulalia des riu 157cm / 5,2ft About Me
I love blanket and Netflix

+34) 641187849 (+34) 641187849 43 years old Marina Botafoch 1,60m / 5,24ft About Me
I love to do massages

+34) 602561254 (+34) 602561254 22 years Ibiza Town 1,60m / 5,24ft About Me
Happy and sociable person

+34) 647832154 (+34) 647832154 21 years Marina Botafoch 1,65m / 5,41ft About Me
Athlete, artist and model girl...

+34) 656391710 (+34) 656391710 26 years Playa den Bossa 1,60m / 5,24ft About Me
A great dancer

+34) 632715891 (+34) 632715891 43 years old 1,60m / 5,24ft About Me
I love relaxing moments...

+34) 681290576 (+34) 681290576 26 years Marina Botafoch 1,65m / 5,41ft About Me
Very active adventurous Latina

+34) 664205513 (+34) 664205513 25 years Santa Eulalia des riu 1,65m / 5,41ft About Me
Venezuelan female visiting Eivissa

+34) 611288868 (+34) 611288868 20 years Ibiza Town 1,65m / 5,41ft About Me
Go out and dine in company

+34) 674046127 (+34) 674046127 39 years Marina Botafoch 1,70m / 5,7ft About Me
Stunning sweet woman

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