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Meaning of Culazo in Spanish

A Culazo in Spanish from Spain means a big and well formed ass. Large butt, prominent and with a nice shape, that is, with rounded buttocks.
We have examples of big asses in Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.
They are asses that draw a lot of attention and impress, they are accentuated if the person who has it has a narrow waist, thats when the body of a woman or a trans is shaped like a guitar.
Black women tend to have a more rounded and upturned ass than Caucasian women, so they have a black booty.
Brazilian women are also famous for taking great care of their physique and having impressive bums.

In men, a butt is usually a muscular and upturned ass, not so much the size but the shape of it. Men who do many squats usually have a Culazo in Spanish.

In Ibizahoney, therefore, we use the word Culazo to describe an escort with a big ass and a nice round shape.

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