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Definición Independent Escort

Independent Escort

An independent escort is one who works only for herself, that is, offers accompaniment services and sexual services in exchange for an economic remuneration which she receives entirely and directly. There are no intermediaries or commission agents when we hire an independent escort. (We refer to the escorts in feminine terms because most of them are women, callgirls, shemales or feminine transsexuals, although there are also male escorts)
Independent escorts can rent apartments together and assist you in shared apartments with other escorts, this does not mean that they stop being independent.
The treatment with the independent escorts is more direct, agreements can be reached and talk about the conditions of the encounters.

Advantages and disadvantages of being an Independent Escort

-Advantages of being an Independent Escort:
The first advantage is that they do not pay commissions to intermediaries, they receive the entire payment for their services.
Independent escorts have the advantage of managing their schedules and advertising methods themselves, they can even select what kind of clients they are looking for, something that independent escorts can not do so freely.
They do not have to worry about renting a flat to work.
Agencies get clients and manage advertising.
They have some security in having the protection of the agencies.

-Disadvantages of being Independent:
The first disadvantage is that they have to pay for themselves the flat where they will live and work, which in Ibiza entails a very high cost.
They have to pay and manage all advertising themselves.
Sometimes they can feel alone and unprotected.

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