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Covid restrictions are over in Ibiza

As we have been wishing for more than 2 summers, since 2020, the confinement and boredom have finally ended. The new normality is already a fact, it brings with it the freedom of time and geography. There will be no more excuses to evade invitations.

At the beginning of March 2020, the restrictions began after the pandemic caused by covid-19, this brought innumerable consequences worldwide and it is no secret to anyone that from that moment on all of humanity was affected by confinements and prohibitions that they seemed endless.

All economic, industrial, business and especially leisure and rest sectors were deeply involved in a crisis that reached all kinds of consequences. Ibiza is one of the most popular islands in the world in times of rest, this place is totally aphrodisiac, whoever steps on these lands and learns to enjoy every corner it has, carries in their memory the best memories of an unforgettable vacation.

In Ibiza you find all kinds of fun or hobbies, there are those who want afternoons full of breeze, sea and sand to relax and at night go for drinks with friends to hang out, and others, are a little more daring and go partying in party from early hours.

Businessmen and women take a getaway to the island not only to make sales of luxury real estate in Ibiza, but also recognize that there is nothing like it to enjoy the nights and therefore choose this great city that offers them freedom and moments that they dont have in their hometowns.

There is a subject that turns us on much more, that is why we will talk about the whores, they and/or they are the ones we cannot fail to name, you and I know that these ladies sprout from the stones on the island, there is no better option for have a couple of hours of privacy and lots of fun.

After the drop in infections in Spain and especially in Ibiza, the municipalities have been authorized to cancel the COVID passport for entry to closed places, the capacity will not be limited either and there will no longer be problems with opening the clubs and being able to enjoy the night leisure.

The truth is that it was very necessary to be able to meet your friends at any bar for dinner and then go out for drinks until dawn, normally I come with my partner every summer looking for a third person to have threesomes in our private apartment, Ibiza arouses with total freedom a lot of desire for sex, here nobody judges you or looks over your shoulder, you are free, you can be who you really are and enjoy with whomever you want and in your own way without masks – Lorena. Share with Ibiza Honey a few words about her experience on the island.

A good 2022 season is expected, from now on each local is organizing all biosecurity protocols to welcome tourists with open arms. Escorts come from anywhere in the world to provide not only a passenger service but also VIP experiences to their clients.

Statistics and censuses reflect an impressive avalanche of British tourism bookings, this indicates a very promising season. People with high post-COVID expectations will arrive, so finding luxury whores with dream services will not be difficult.

The reasons to visit Ibiza are endless, we deserve a delicious break on the beach, it is time to make the decision to travel to the big island after so many daydreams about a worthwhile vacation. This place awaits us with a long list of activities and places to visit.

If you are a person of adrenaline, fun and without taboos, dating VIP whores will not go unnoticed, the girls are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each one of them has its charm, you will find women of any nationality , with the physical characteristics that you have always wanted to try and caress.

It is clear that Ibiza offers many possibilities and that you will have to spend not only one summer in this place, repeating it will be quite a temptation.