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Good prospects for summer 2021 in Ibiza

Tourist Recovery

It seems that the light is beginning to be seen at the end of the tunnel. Many tourist indicators such as tourist reservations and the expansion of air routes to Ibiza make optimism begin to invade the Ibiza hotel industry.

A better season than the last

All these signs suggest that this tourist season in Ibiza will be a little better than the previous one, which is not difficult since the 2020 season was catastrophic with occupancy and spending levels 75% lower than the average of recent years. This summer the most optimistic estimates speak of an occupancy of 60%.

Good prospects for escorts

It was about time that there was an atmosphere of positivism to be able to overcome this trauma that the pandemic has meant in the lives of everyone, but especially of Ibizans and people who live off tourism. Hoteliers and workers in the tourism services sector have been the hardest hit by the Covid-19 stoppage.

Luckily the light is beginning to be seen at the end of the tunnel, that hope and optimism of better times have also arrived for the escorts of Ibiza and for the escorts who visit our island every season to offer their services as company girls to visitors and tourists.

Vaccination and virus remission

Everything indicates that the waves of contagion are becoming smaller and the deceased less and less. Last summer with the arrival of good weather the virus practically disappeared, which promises us a very calm summer in terms of infections.

We look forward to vaccination reaching the majority of the population and that this will greatly activate hotel reservations.

Health passport to come to Ibiza

Another bundle of hope to open the island to tourism is the possible creation of a health passport with useful vaccination information or negative pcrs, so that Ibizans and our visitors have the best possible guarantees that they are visiting a safe island. It may also be required by the escorts to ensure a more reliable meeting.