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The law of marginalization towards escorts and companions

It seems that politicians in Spain want to fill their proposals with cheap moralism and ideas with few lights, proof of this is the new law to abolish prostitution in the country.

First we must clarify that the vast majority of sex workers in Spain freely engage in prostitution voluntarily, from the media the truth is distorted, implying that many are forced to do so, something totally false, it is true that there is a minority of cases of trafficking of white (women forced to be prostitutes) and against these cases it is necessary to go with all the force of the law.

The problem with this law that aims to make prostitution illegal is that it frontally attacks the freedom of women, trans and male escorts and their rights. Today a prostitute can report if someone wants to force them, with the new law she will not do so because the law will go against them. It is a direct marginalization.

This law will only bring darkness to the environment of prostitution, making it more dangerous and causing white slavery to take over this service that will never cease to exist.

Marginalizing prostitution will only create greater problems for the people who practice it freely.
Prostitution will never disappear as it is a useful and necessary service for many men and women who are looking for good company. Without this service, many men can accumulate frustration and end up committing sexual crimes.
It is logical to think that with this law many men will not be able to relax and it is very likely that cases of sexual assault and rape will increase.

If we want the rights of these free women and men to be respected, we must act, for a better society where no one is marginalized, sign this petition:

The new law that aims to abolish prostitution in Spain is a regression towards darker times where women and men who work freely as escorts will have to live with worse living conditions offering their services in a hidden way and being treated as criminals, the experience of the Historical facts have shown that prohibitions and marginalization always benefit criminals.