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Pros and cons of deflowering with a whore

We will analyze the pros and cons of your first time, if your first sexual relation were with a whore.In other words, we are going to argue why it is better to lose virginity with an escort, what are the advantages and what are the possible disadvantages.We know very well

Fecha: 31-07-2020

How is this written escorts or scorts?

Do we have to write escorts or scorts?The word escort comes from English and designates a person who offers her services as an companion. The escort service can be provided by both women and men. You must write escort with the initial e, it is the correct way to write

Fecha: 27-07-2020

How many escorts are in ibiza?

How many whores and escorts girls are there in Ibiza?In this article we are going to analyze how many prostitutes and escorts there are on the island of Ibiza.As you may well know, Ibiza is an island that lives off tourism, it is an island of contrasts, just as in

Fecha: 26-07-2020

Synonyms of the word escorts

Synonyms of the word escortsIn English the word escorts, (some write it scorts omitting the first e due to ignorance of English language), means luxury prostitute.Escort = Luxury Whore = Prostitute = Callgirl = Hooker = Scort = Brothel Lady?In a literary form she is called a Prostitute. She is

Fecha: 22-07-2020

Will there be work for the Ibiza escorts this summer?

Will the Escorts have a job this summer in Ibiza?This summer of 2020 is very uncertain in Ibiza, tourism has not yet made all its reservations, however in Ibizahoney we have seen that on the weekend from July 17 to 19 many escort girls have come to work in Ibiza.Many

Fecha: 20-07-2020

How to book an escort in Ibiza?

How to book an escort in Ibiza?If it is the first time that you are going to contact an escort to hire company services in Ibiza, we hope that this article will help you.First of all, if you want to book a prostitute, what you should do is go to

Fecha: 16-07-2020

Migrations of escorts in times of Covid

Migrations of escorts and callgirls in times of COVIDThe virus that plagues us exacerbates the conditions of self-employed workers, those who earn their living outside the bureaucratic system and especially unregulated workers, as well as the environment of women who have decided to use their time, their body and their

Fecha: 07-07-2020

Prostitution and its prejudices

We are all whores in a way.Why is prostitution frowned upon when most of us prostitute our time in order to live?If we analyze objectively what prostitution means, we can define that a prostitute offers her company, sexual favors and her time. The only thing that differentiates a prostitute from

Fecha: 03-07-2020

Escort Agencies Opening in Ibiza 2020

We are Thursday, May 28, 2020, it is a sunny day and the sea has an intense blue color ..., but what we are going to:ESCORT AGENCIES OPENING 2020New escort agencies are preparing to open in IbizaNow that we are about to move from phase 2 to phase 3 in

Fecha: 28-05-2020

Hygiene rules with the escorts to not catch Coronavirus in Ibiza

What precautions should I take when hiring an callgirl to avoid taking the covid-19?Due to the current situation of pandemic due to Coronavirus, it is advisable to take some safety and hygiene measures when staying with an escort.Although there are people who request the company of an female escort or

Fecha: 25-05-2020

Whores with face mask

Whores and escorts take the covid test in Ibiza to reassure their clients.In addition, many of them also require customers to demonstrate that they do not have it either.Many of the callgirls in Ibiza who advertise in escort directories are going to private health centers on the island to get

Fecha: 25-05-2020

New escort Ibiza normality

We know that these are difficult times, both for the escort girls, as for the tantric masseurs and the luxury whore agencies in Ibiza. The state of alarm is greatly affecting the normal functioning of social relationships, so much so that many people are stopping visiting family and loved ones.During

Fecha: 25-05-2020

Escorts in the covid de-escalation in Ibiza

The de-escalation has begun, and although many of the sectors will take time to return to their normal activities, the escort girls in Ibizahoney reinvent themselves for their return to activity to offer pleasure and relaxation.The state of alarm has forced the closure of many establishments and in turn has

Fecha: 15-05-2020

How many clients do the escorts go to bed per day?

From Ibizahoney we know the ratio of customers per day thanks to what the escorts have told us. According to their confidences and the data that the callgirls have provided us, we have been able to make an approximate average of the maximum number of clients with whom the female

Fecha: 26-02-2020

What is the name most used by escorts?

What is the name most used by escorts in Ibiza?You may have never thought about it, but most luxury escorts and callgirls do not use their real name when advertising and promoting themselves in escort guides and advertising websites.From Ibizahoney we have tried to calculate approximately the most commonly used

Fecha: 24-02-2020

Areas of Europe where there are more Escorts

Which are the areas with the highest number of escorts in Europe?Understanding that an escort is a person who decides to offer services for entertainment, fun and leisure, including sexual and accompanying services, it is estimated that Spain is the first European country, and the third worldwide with the largest

Fecha: 08-02-2020

What are the prices of escorts in Ibiza?

Surely youve ever wondered: How much does an escort in Ibiza cost?Here are some examples to give you an idea of the prices of escorts and luxury whores on the island.In Ibiza, especially in summer, many company girls visit us, come to work and enjoy the fun that the island

Fecha: 06-02-2020

What is Ibizahoney?

What is Ibizahoney?Ibizahoney is an escort guide in Ibiza, a website with escort profiles, with your real photos, your personal data and most importantly, your personal phone with whatsapp, escort girls agencies, hostess clubs and erotic masseuses are also announced In ibiza.But what is an escort? An escort is a

Fecha: 11-11-2019

What means brunette escort?

The exact definition when defining an escort in Ibiza as a brunette escort, would be a beautiful Caucasian girl with white skin and dark brown hair. That is, a beautiful girl, white and petite.

Fecha: 09-11-2019

Ibizahoney user opinion 2018

Below we show you an opinion that a user of our website sent us, yesterday 26-5-2018, we liked it so much that we published it, of course we do not give any information about it to maintain its anonymity:-Username:Hello,How are you?It is the first time I write to you (I

Fecha: 08-11-2019

Shery spanish escort girl in Ibiza interview

Ibizahoney interviews Shery, 24 year old Spanish escort girl, second year in Ibiza, pedagogy student in her last year of career:-How did you start working as an escort?Well, I started because a friend worked as an escort and commented on advantages and disadvantages. That aroused my curiosity and I decided

Fecha: 07-11-2019

Jana girl escort in Ibiza Interview

Interview with Escort Jana of 28 years, independent prostitute from Argentina in Ibiza:-How did you start working as an escort?I started at age 25 when a friend told me about work, how it was, how much she earned, what kind of services were offered, I was interested and wanted to

Fecha: 04-11-2019

Passion fruit and escorts

In summer the hot summer days sometimes become almost unbearable, even being on the paradise island of Ibiza and surrounded by beautiful escorts, all turgid and gorgeous, one can sometimes feel overwhelmed by extreme heat.But it seems that a solution has been found, a recent study by two sexologists at

Fecha: 03-11-2019

About the usefulness of escort services in Ibiza

Many times it is questioned that women want to dedicate themselves to offer their services as escorts, callgirls or hookers; We personally as administrators of a escorts website guide in Ibiza, many times we have been in the position of defending that it is the girls who decide whether or

Fecha: 02-11-2019

Ibizahoney reviews 2018

Every year we receive criticism about our website, sometimes bad and sometimes good, many years I have been receiving opinions from the escorts who visit Ibiza and advertise on the best known websites of the island.Sometimes some complain about receiving few calls, but most are happy with the result and

Fecha: 30-10-2019

What is the sexual posture preferred by women?

What is the sexual position preferred by women?Communication, as in all human relationships, is a factor that determines the satisfaction of our sexuality. To explore new postures and achieve much more intense orgasms, it would be enough to establish a prior communication with our partner and then give way to

Fecha: 29-07-2019

Did the escorts enjoy sex with their clients?

Did the escorts enjoy sex with their clients?Since ancient times, sex work has been a topic of debate among the different social classes, which has given rise to thousands of questions and myths regarding sexual experimentation with a companion lady.However, beyond prejudice or taboo, sexual satisfaction is not an unexplored

Fecha: 26-07-2019

How are the Escorts of the Whores, Callgirls and Hookers different?

Differences between Escorts, Whores, Callgirls and HookersThe term Escorts comes from English, in English Escort means a person who accompanies you, Escort word in turn come from the Latin scorgere, means guide someone.But now the word escort is used internationally to name a companion, with or without sexual services, that accompanies a

Fecha: 17-06-2019

How are the Colombian female escorts?

How are the Colombian female escorts?If the Colombians are extraordinary, imagine enjoying the company of sex professionals. Without hesitation, it is an exquisite scene that is worth experiencing, especially when it comes to an island as versatile as Ibiza.We can assure then that the cultural diversity that defines Colombia has

Fecha: 08-06-2019

How are the Venezuelan female Escorts?

How are the Venezuelan escorts?Although, Venezuelans are considered really attractive and charismatic women, waking up in the arms of a tropical lady, with a broad smile and excellent personality, is an experience that goes beyond the standards of beauty.In fact, describing the feminine features of Venezuelan women is not as

Fecha: 06-06-2019

What is an escort?

An escort is a paid companion, that is, one that a client pays to go with him to meetings, parties, trips to another city, etc. Recruitment may or may not include sex.In most cases, the client of this service seeks above all the feeling of superiority provided by being accompanied

Fecha: 18-04-2019

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